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Three World-Renowned Canadian Scientists:

Drs Byram Bridle, Niel Karrow and Bonnie Mallard

Present a Webinar Certificate Course

Introduction to Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Including the latest on Covid-19

Designed for Health Care Professionals and health-conscious Individuals, this nine-lecture course provides participants with:

An understanding of how the immune system functions
• The role of the innate and adaptive response systems and how stress affects them
• The key concepts of immunity to infectious diseases, including SARS-Cov-2
• COVID-19 mRNA genetic therapies and risk of immunotoxicity
• Strategies to help provide immune protection
• How to optimize immune function naturally
• Description of traditional and novel genetic vaccine designs
• Exposure to peer-reviewed literature in these fields

This course is presented in three sets of three lectures given by each professor
• Each lecture is approximately 30-60 minutes in length
• Brief guided notes will accompany each lecture
• Participants will have access to live question-and-answer sessions with the professors

Course fee: $399.00

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