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ImmunoCeutica Overview

Vision: To educate, empower and equip the global community
to achieve health & well-being more naturally.

Dr Don Moore

ImmunoCeutica Inc is dedicated to enhancing human and animal health by focusing on natural immune-related products and services that aid in preventing and treating infectious diseases and cancers.

Dr Bonnie Mallard

A core group of highly credentialled, award-winning scientists have been assembled in southwest Ontario, Canada.
Check out each of their profiles below.

Dr Byram Bridle

The scientists have partnered with technical experts in the fields of immuno-chemistry, virology, toxicology, cancer biology, nutraceuticals, public health and regulatory affairs.

Dr Niel Karrow

They have also formed strategic alliances with manufacturing, packaging and distribution specialists.

Current Problem/Opportunity

Infectious disease, cancers, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory conditions, and allergies are increasing, affecting both human and animal populations.

There is a significant and growing need for innovative healthful products and services focused on these areas of concern.

Targeted Responses and Solutions

Immunoceuticals are one of the emerging treatment options that would address the current unmet need in a more natural manner.

ImmunoCeutica Inc. is poised to become the premier provider of research, education, services and products to take advantage of these growing global market opportunities.

ImmunoCeutica Team

Dr Don Moore
Dr Don Moore
  • PhD Education
  • Executive Director of Canadian Christian Business Federation
  • Former Ambassador with World Vision Canada
  • Education and Communication Specialist
Dr Bonnie Mallard
Dr Bonnie Mallard
  • PhD Immunology & Genetics
  • Principal Inventor of the High Immune Response/Immunity+ Technology
  • Numerous awards including the Governor General Innovation Award 2017 & NSERC Synergy Award 2021
Dr Byram Bridle
Dr Byram Bridle
  • PhD Immunology and Virology
  • Virologist and Cancer Biologist
  • Recipient of Terry Fox Research Institute New Investigator Award and Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teaching Award
Dr Niel Karrow
Dr Niel Karrow
  • PhD Immunology & Toxicology
  • Immunotoxicology postdoctoral-fellowship in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical College of Virginia-Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr Lauri Wagter-Lesperance
Dr Lauri Wagter-Lesperance
  • PhD Immunology
  • Co-Inventor of the High Immune Response™ Technology
  • Technology Transfer & Regulatory Affairs Manager
Dr Armen Charchoglyan
Dr Armen Charchoglyan
  • PhD Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology, Analytical Biosciences
  • UNESCO expert in francophone Africa
  • Matsumae International Fellow at the University of Tokyo
Arus Abrahamyan
Arus Abrahamyan
  • MSc. Biology
  • Molecular Biology and Virology
  • Molecular Barcoding
  • QA/QC in high-throughput processing facility
  • Intelligent Quality Management
John Slater
John Slater
  • MBA Business
  • 25 years of experience in Sales Management/Marketing – Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Corporate awards and recognition for leadership and consistent top sales performance
Shirlee Arnould
Shirlee Arnould
  • 10 Years Development & Operations
  • 30+ Years Administration
  • Former Communications Assistant; Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health, Winnipeg

ImmunoCeutica Executive Brief

The mandate of the company is to perform research, provide education and services, and develop test and market products
in the immunoceutical space.

The company will specialize in products and systems that
promote human and animal health and well-being.

It will also strive to educate the public on how immunoceuticals can bolster natural immunity and thereby help prevent and treat disorders associated with sub-optimal immunity.

Now available: Vitamin D Test kit and Vitamin D & K drops.